Big Announcement

A few weeks ago we quietly celebrated our 2 year anniversary, a huge milestone for our little brewery. We want to say a massive thank you to all our customers and everyone who has helped us along the way.

2 years has flown past while we’ve been constantly learning, improving and growing. Speaking of growing, as most of you who visit the brewery already know, we’ve been struggling for space in our little room in the Castle. Because of this we’ve been on the lookout for extra space for while now, and what started as a search for storage space has evolved into something even better.

We are now in a position where we can announce what we’re planning – we are opening Portsmouth’s first* MICROPUB!

We have secured a fantastic location on Eastney road in Milton which has huge potential. Over the next few months, a former newsagent notorious for selling out of date crisps, will be transformed into….. The Brewer’s Tap – a Micropub serving all the beers we brew at the Castle, as well as showcasing a diverse range of craft beers that we love from other small brewers. We are super excited to get to work on this location, there’s loads of potential for the local community to use the space, which includes a large upstairs area which will be made available for groups, workshops, classes or whatever is needed.

We will be keeping the brewery at the Castle, and will continue to brew there and open up at the weekends. The Brewer’s Tap will be a venue where we can serve beers to drink on and off-site, hold beer tastings, educational events and loads of other things which the Castle is just not set up for. On top of this there’s a large, easy-access cold storage space which we so desperately need! Exciting times.


While reading this, you might have noticed I’ve been using the term ‘‘we’’ a lot, I’m using that term a lot recently because another person joined the business earlier in the year. Our regular customers have probably seen Dan serving beers in the brewery at the weekends, but he’s also been helping out behind the scenes, brewing and being involved with all aspects of the business. His involvement has helped us be more focussed and given us more options when planning the future of the business. Getting the business this far has been a challenge for me in many ways and even though Lorna has been a huge help**, she’s been busy running her own business and looking after our son Jack. To add to that, Lorna’s brewing up another little one – due in December. Who needs sleep anyway!

For some reason Portsmouth has (until now) been left behind by the micro-pub revolution. Quite a few have opened recently in the surrounding towns and cities, yet none in Portsmouth. There are many hoops to jump through to get a new licensed premises and it’s not something which we are expecting to be easy. We have done everything we can to mitigate any concerns the council and local residents might have, but it only takes a few apprehensive people to block anything new and interesting ever happening.

This is where we need your help. Our planning application is now live on the Portsmouth council’s planning portal and has all the details of what we are looking to do. If you want to find out more, please follow this link and check it out. If you like the sound of it and want to see this become a reality, please leave a comment. Every positive comment will really help get this granted. I would offer a beer for every person who comments but that might be classed as bribery!

quoting reference number: 18/01152/FUL

Check out the full application here:

We will keep the updates on this coming regularly. If you don’t already, follow our journey on instagram: @southseabrewing  and @thebrewerstap

Cheers everyone!

*I’m amazed there aren’t any micropubs here already, so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone already has plans to open one. The nearest one has recently opened in Gosport, the Four Ale taproom.
** I really can’t emphasise enough how much Lorna’s enthusiasm, patience and hard work, has helped. It’s sometimes lonely building a business on your own, so sharing that journey with someone makes it a lot more fun and that’s what keeps us going.

16 thoughts on “Big Announcement”

  1. Really hope you get approval from the council. Brilliant idea and something very different for the area. Hopefully will be coming to see you soon.

  2. Great News, David. Wishing you all the very best on this venture. “showcasing a diverse range of craft beers that we love from other small brewers”….mm, maybe Newtown Brewery casks will venture across the harbour after all? Ha Ha 😉

  3. Sounds awesome!! Can’t wait to come in and try a few beers , keep up the good work guys and good luck with the application

  4. After the many pubs closing in this area this would be a very welcome change.

    Should also bring business to the shops in the vicinity. Will miss the out of date crisps though, maybe an idea for bar snacks?

  5. Love this idea for milton market. Nice idea for those not quite happy to go in the big pubs. We can now cafe in the morning after school and then go out for parent afternoons minus kids in the same area with friends. Xx

  6. Great news we will be looking forward to it bring new life to Eastney Road and surrounding areas we have Portsmouth fruit and flower on the corner of Middlesex Road good luck

  7. This is FAB news! We are new home owners in the area and would love to have a micro pub that offers so much at the end of our road! It’s a lovely area and feel this new business would thrive and contribute massively Good luck and see you at the bar soon

  8. Hi great news ps I have already sent an email to the planning dept
    hope everyone else do to for you good luck ps can’t wait till it opens

  9. Just emailed the council in support. I live just off bransbury park and it would be great to have a decent pub in the area!

  10. Sounds good. I think you do yourself and staggeringly good some disservice by not already considering yourself a micropub.
    There is also the brewhouse and kitchen guildhall walk?

    Whatever the definition, I hope your venture goes through and should revitalise the eastney end of the city.

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