One Year On

Around this time last year all of this was just a concept – a small, fragile idea that had nearly all odds stacked against it’s success.
The beers were merely recipes floating around in my head, the 7 stainless steel tanks that would become the brewery, were in transit somewhere between Italy and Southsea.
To try and make some sense of it all and show my vision to everyone, i made a 3D model of the brewery and uploaded a video of a virtual walk-through.
Here it is:
It definitely helped others to visualise my plan and understand the layout.
Yesterday someone came to the brewery with a 3D camera and took some pictures for google. You can now see inside and (virtually) walk around the brewery on google!
When i saw them online it reminded me of the 3D model i made and it really made me proud to see that my idea had infact become a reality.
Thank you to everyone who has helped us on this journey so far, everyone who’s bought our beers, given us encouragement and praised our efforts.
At the moment it’s full steam ahead, all 4 fermenters are filled to the brim. We’ve got beers brewing for the new season, we are making new beers for some of our favourite local restaurants and collaborations with other independent businesses.
Exciting times ahead!