What’s happening with the micropub?


What’s happening with the micropub?

Well, it’s all still going ahead, just a bit slower than expected. It feels like forever since we’ve mentioned anything about The Brewers Tap, and that’s mainly because we’ve been waiting for our landlord to complete the last of the building renovation works. Even though we’ve posted the occasional update of the work going on in our future tap room, we’ve not actually been doing a much work at all!

Before you jump to conclusion that we are just a bunch of craft beer swigging lay-abouts, let me explain…

When we originally contacted the estate agents about the Moorhouse property for sale, they told us it had already been sold but the buyer intends to rent out the shop, so gave us the buyers contact details. When we spoke to him, he happened to like our idea for a small, micro-brewery owned, craft beer bar and somehow we managed to get him to change his mind from the original plan of converting the property it into 2 flats and a small shop at the front, to renting the whole building to us.

This put us in a very fortunate position where we were able to work with the landlord and his builders so the renovation work was carried out specifically how we needed it for our micropub.

The plus side of this is that once we get the keys, most of the hard work will be completed, but the downside is that the timescale is out of our hands. It’s probably not a bad thing, we would have struggled to open before Christmas, and we can get the bar fit-out work done in January, which is known as a particularly quiet month for most pubs anyway.

At the moment we are aiming to get the keys before the end of December, and we’ve given ourselves a 2 month target to complete our part of the build. We can’t wait to get stuck in and have the beers flowing when we open the doors.

There will be plenty more updates coming soon!